Amoeba Technologies Inc. introduces the next generation computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solution in AMOEBA

  • More information from a simulation?
  • To examine how changing parameters affect design?
  • Quick turnaround on designs?
  • All this with fewer simulations?
  • No problem!

    Improve design and achieve target performance using sensitivity analysis. Get the solution and its sensitivity to any parameter - boundary conditions, material properties, model settings, solver settings - in a single solution, without having to simulate over a parametric range.
    Download AMOEBA

  • Flexible licensing?
  • To run many simulations right now?
  • On-demand high-performance pay-as-you-use hardware resources?
  • All this at lower costs?
  • No problem!

    Run as MANY simulations for as long as you need to and pay only for the time you use! Ultimate flexibility on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
    (Amazon EC2)
    from Amoeba Technologies Inc. now. You can access NEBULA from the FREE AMOEBA client now!
    Download AMOEBA and enable Cloud Computing